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At Metro, we love providing our customers with a large selection of mirrors, in addition to our custom frames. These mirrors continue to be a huge request from our customers when they come in to see us.  
Standard size mirrors that you’d find at big stores often don’t fit a room proportionately and often look forced into a space. The frames that go around these mirrors often are designed with a manufactured plastic with a foil or wrap on the face. Although these standard frames look especially good for their price, if they are exposed to lots of sun, the frame will start to bend and split the corners, making it unsafe and unattractive. As far as the foil and or design wrapped finish on a standard frame, ANY amount of sunlight will fade and discolor these finishes.
So come into Metro if you are looking for a mirror that is the perfect size (outside dimensions for their space),  the perfect color, design and for their space. These mirrors  will really fit your decor and make it an integral part of any room. Come in and take a few of our samples home and see how they fit in your space.
Any of our thousands of samples can be used for square or rectangle (horizontal or vertical) mirrors.
We have hundreds of options available for round, oval, arch or any other shapes and sizes you can think of.
Our mirrors are also available with flat, beveled or different variations of antiquing.
Do it right the first time and LOVE IT!


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